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Portable Oxygen Concentrators



AirSep Focus

The smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator in the world.




Ultra portable oxygen concentrator. The lightest 3 LPM pulse flow device in our range.

From £2,249


AirSep FreeStyle 3

Compact design and lightweight. Provides up to 3 litres per minute of on-demand oxygen.

From £2,239

  2 LPM
  3 Hours
  1.5lbs        1-3 LPM   Up to
  5 Hours
  2.8lbs        1-3 LPM   Up to
13 Hours




LifeChoice ActivOx 4

Provides up to 4 litres per minute on-demand. With sleep mode & up to 15 hours battery life!

From £2,495



Stylish with single or double battery life options. Provides up to 5 litres per minute equivalent.

From £2,239


GCE Zen-O lite

Made in the UK. Up to 5 LPM on pulse flow.
Great packages available!

From £1,995

  1-4 LPM
  Up to
  15 Hours
  4.9lbs        1-5 LPM
  Up to
  9 Hours
  4.9lbs        1-5 LPM
  Up to
  8 Hours




AirSep FreeStyle 5

Contemporary stylish design with high capacity output. Up to 5 LPMe.

From £2,995



Provides up to 6 litres per minute equivalent. Single or double battery options.

From £2,290



Our lightest continuous flow concentrator in our range with up to 2LPM and up to 6 on pulse.

From £2,245

  1-5 LPM
  Up to
7 Hours
  6.2lbs       1-6 LPM
  Up to
8 Hours
  7.1lbs       0.5-6 LPM   Up to
8 Hours




SeQual eQuinox

Our most advanced pulse & continuous flow concentrator in our range



SeQual Eclipse 5

Continuous flow and pulse flow settings!
Great battery life!



DeVilbiss iGO

Compact solution that delivers up to 6 litres per minute of continuous flow


  0.5-9 LPM   Up to
  5.9 Hours
  14lbs       1-9 LPM
  Up to
  5.4 Hours
  18.4lbs       1-6 LPM   Up to
5.4 Hours



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