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What it means for you.


When choosing a supplier for your oxygen needs it is always recommended to deal with a reputable company that is ISO13485 certified. And here is why.



Patients who currently receive oxygen cylinders on the NHS from their local gas supplier are also accredited to the same quality standards. It is important for patients to understand dealing with an ISO13485 accredited company guarantees the highest service standard which forms an integral part in the purchase of a portable oxygen concentrator.

Here at Intermedical, we are proud to be an ISO13485 certified company. We are independently audited every year to make sure our service standard is maintained.



What is ISO13485?

ISO 13485:2003 is a quality management system that is specific to organisations needing to demonstrate that they are able to supply medical devices and services that meet, not only customer requirements, but also the various regulatory demands relating to medical equipment. All requirements of ISO13485:2003 are specific to organisations providing medical devices, regardless of the type or size of the organisation.

This means that all of the quality management systems of Intermedical (UK) Limited; our reporting systems, recall systems, servicing and repair procedures and our product traceability are monitored every year by Global Group auditors. This ensures that each member of staff adheres to the necessary procedure to ensure that our customers receive products that are safe to use.

Our customers can also be sure that we adhere to all of the regulatory requirements relative to the equipment we supply and potential customers should seek this certification as the minimum when choosing a supplier of medical devices. It shows that the supplier is serious and quality conscious of medical devices. Furthermore it demonstrates that we as a company have the infrastructure, service and support facilities to ensure we provide the highest standard of customer service.

We are audited regularly to ensure continuing compliance.


After-sales support

Unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong whether it be your car or simply losing the keys to your house. It is a fact of life that nothing in the world is technically 100% perfect and if or when something does go wrong it can be of great inconvenience.

Intermedical’s prime focus is customer relationship and service. We know & understand the importance of having someone to talk to if a problem ever arises. We can be relied upon to provide an excellent service, to deal with problems immediately to relieve the hassle, wherever you are.

Our care line is also available after hours and at weekends. We can also provide loan units should your machine require attention by one of our technicians, which can be delivered to you on a next day basis. (Subject to availability) .




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