A guide to finding the right portable oxygen solution for you.

You are probably reading this article because you are either new to oxygen and not sure where to begin to look – Or you are fed up with what you are given by the NHS and looking for something more practical. Either way, searching for your perfect portable oxygen concentrator can be daunting and a bit of minefield – especially when you type the words “portable oxygen concentrator” in google or Amazon. The internet is a wonderful place, but just like searching up a medical condition on google, it can throw up an array of different results and advice. And, as an oxygen user, it may be hard to separate the good from the not so good. 

Speak with a reputable company

Because oxygen can also be used for therapeutic purposes, we often hear stories about customers who have stumbled across devices on the internet that are simply no good for their medical needs. A portable oxygen concentrator is a life supporting device and buying from the internet should be met with caution – and in doing so its always advisable to seek advise and deal with a company that is highly reputable in its field – Like us!

It’s about you, not the cheapest you can find.

Every patient is different with regards to their individual needs – And to marry up needs with personal preferences is where we excel in our duty of care. We carry a small range of portable oxygen concentrators - which have all been especially handpicked and meticulously tried and tested in the most vigorous of forms to ensure consistency and durability. We only use the world’s leading respiratory therapy companies namely INOGEN, Chart BioMedical, Philips Respironics and GCE. We are proud to serve their products to the UK as a preferred distribution partner and approved service and repair agent.

We have the time to talk to find what is best for you.

As you would expect, we offer a wealth of information not only on this website, but specially trained advisers are on hand to take the time to have a chat - and we really do take the time to understand your desires and match a solution that is right for you.
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