Prime Minister Boris Johnson describes his experience of COVID-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has detailed his experience with COVID-19 saying he needed ‘litres and litres’ of oxygen in his first interview since his recovery.

Since leaving hospital, the Prime Minister has said he was a “very lucky man” and praised the staff at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

He was first diagnosed with Covid-19 in late March, spending more than ten days in self-isolation before being moved to St Thomas’ Hospital, where his condition initially worsened.

Oxygen therapy again has played a vital part in the treatment of COVID.

The majority of cases display mild to no symptoms at all with the most vulnerable being patients in older age groups and those with underlying conditions.

Pulse oximeters and home medical oxygen concentrators can help monitor and help provide vital therapy for patients with COVID and are available for sale to the public by clicking this link here.


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