Unless you’ve been living on a remote island somewhere you will know that COVID-19 otherwise known as Coronavirus, has been wreaking havoc across the globe in recent months. At the time of writing, over 100,000 people across all major continents have had or suffering from the virus. And whilst governments all over the world are “doing all they can” to contain it, the virus is spreading at an alarming rate.

This new strain of Coronavirus hasn’t been seen before in humans with the most common symptoms being headache, fever, fatique, dry cough, sore throat and muscle aches. 31% of cases have also reported shortness of breath.

COVID-19 attacks the tissues and airways deep inside the lungs. The disease can progress to viral pneumonia which is a real worry for those already suffering from an immune deficiency or a respiratory ailment such as COPD or Asthma. It can cause inflammation of the lungs effecting the alveoli and the transfer of oxygen to red blood cells.

In the case of this new Coronavirus, viral pneumonia can’t be treated with antibiotics – and any antiviral drugs used to combat flu would also be ineffective, for the moment at least.

A recent publication by the World Health Organisation mentions that “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19”

As pneumonia hinders the transfer of Oxygen into our bloodstream, for those who are particularly vulnerable, using an oxygen concentrator can support lung function by keeping red blood cells saturated as best it can until the infection passes.

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