Coronavirus: Community oxygen tests ‘key to second wave’ with a home pulse oximeter

Dr Simon Barry, A respiratory clinical lead in Wales has suggested that “Oxygen levels in suspected coronavirus cases should be monitored in the community to help hospitals cope with a second wave of cases.”

Speaking to BBC NEWS in June, Dr Barry said early on in the pandemic it became clear reduced oxygen levels in the blood suggested a patient had Covid-19.

With flu and pneumonia set to add more pressure to the NHS as the winter sets in, it is suggested that more community monitoring would be needed in order to ease the pressure.

For the majority, people with coronavirus show mild symptoms, and sometimes none at all.

But more commonly, those who display low blood oxygen saturation levels are admitted to hospital with Coronvirus.

In healthy adults, saturation levels are expected to be between 94% and 99%, whereas those with Covid-19 can fall below 90% and require oxygen therapy and, in some cases, ventilation in intensive care.

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