Having a portable oxygen concentrator will inevitably give you that new lease of life – to do things that you thought you wouldn’t be able to do again – Especially when it comes to going to the airport and hopping on a plane to sunnier climates. If you aren’t quite the seasoned traveler or never traveled with oxygen before, we’ve put together some useful tips to make sure you can enjoy your holiday without the anxieties.

TIP 1: Get organised

Organisation is key and it’s always advisable to have a back up plan incase if anything happens with your equipment. It is always a good idea to have some form of backup plan – even if it’s as simple as a phone number of a local oxygen supplier at your destination.

TIP 2: Check with your airline

Most (if not all) airlines now accept portable oxygen concentrators on board their aircrafts. All of our portable oxygen concentrators meet the requirements and standards of the FAA general memorandum for POC’s, however airlines do impose their own rules and requirements before you are able to travel. For example, you may be required to complete a medical declaration 48 hours before boarding.

TIP 3: Make sure you have enough power

The general rule of thumb with all airlines is that you should carry enough batteries for the desired setting of your POC to cover at least 150% of the flight time – This is to mitigate for any risk of unforseen delays which could increase the flight time. Furthermore you should also take into consideration the time spent at the departure gate and have enough battery power for your arrival.

TIP 4: Keep your POC healthy

Like operating a car – a POC is designed to be used all the time. It needs to be used on a regular basis and serviced annually to maintain optimum performance. If you use your POC irregularly or if its used only for travel on the odd occassion, it’s highly advisable that you run your POC continuously in good time before you travel.

TIP 5: Enjoy your holiday!

As long as you follow the 4 basic tips above, you can go on holiday anywhere in the world without the anxieties and enjoy living life without boundaries. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 028 2194.

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