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About VAT Exemption

Get instant VAT relief when you purchase an eligable product from our website.

If you are a resident in the UK or any country within the European Economic Areas (EEA) and suffer from a chronic illness and/or registered disabled, you may be entitled to VAT exemption on eligible medical goods being purchased for personal use.

We will provide you with a self-declaration form which can be downloaded here or if you are ordering online, you can complete our online form at checkout where VAT will be removed automatically.

Please be aware there are penalties for false declarations.

How to order VAT relief online...

Do I have to show any evidence?

No. UK and EU customers need to complete a self-declaration which we provide. There are penalties for false claims.

VAT Exemption Eligablity

If you are a UK/EU national and live in any member state of the European Union, the same rules regarding VAT exemption may apply. Local import duty and other taxes may apply upon delivery.

Non-EU nationals visiting the UK are initially subject to paying VAT on all purchases. However, you can apply for a VAT refund at the point of departure from the UK on eligible purchases. We will provide you with a partially completed VAT 407 form (upon request) that must be shown to a customs official along with our copy invoice and the goods. Once approved, the original VAT 407 form must be returned to us in order to process the VAT refund.

You have 3 months from the date of purchase to claim a VAT refund under the VAT export scheme.

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I'm purchasing on behalf of a family member/friend that lives in a non-EU country?

You cannot claim VAT export relief if you are a UK/EEA national and indirectly exporting the goods yourself to a family member or friend that lives outside the UK/EEA area.

We are able to ship to some non-EU countries as a direct export in which case VAT will be waived - However, you may incur import duty and local tax charges upon delivery.