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Portable Oxygen Concentrators- LifeChoice ActivOx4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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LifeChoice ActivOx4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

LifeChoice ActivOx 4L
Portable Oxygen Concentrator
The small, compact oxygen solution with up to an incredible 15 hours of operation time. Portability and total independence all-in-one.
1 - 4 Litres
per minute equivalency
Up to
15 Hours
Pulse flow oxygen
Unit weight
On lowest setting with external battery connected
Sorry. This item has been  discontinued by the manufacturer.

The nearest alternative is the INOGENONE G3 portable oxygen concentrator. Click here to view.
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The LifeChoice ActivOx™ packs both portability and total independence into one compact solution weighing only 4.8lbs (2.1kgs). It provides pulse flow oxygen of up to the equivalent of 4 litres per minute. The internal battery together with the external battery pack (available with external battery package), can provide up to 15 hours of uninterrupted oxygen supply on a single charge.

Users can easily configure how they choose to carry the ActivOx™ with its unique 3-way carrying case complete with detachable straps. It can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or worn as a back-pack for even greater independence.

The ActivOx™ delivers oxygen using PULSE-WAVE technology. When the user inhales, the ‘shot’ of oxygen delivered is at a slower speed in comparison to other pulse flow concentrators. This technology is proven to be clinically efficient by allowing more of the highly-concentrated oxygen to get through the narrowness of the nasal cavities and down into the lungs. It also eliminates unwanted attention created by the hiss sound every time a “shot” of oxygen passes through the nasal cannula.

When at rest or sleeping, the ActivOx™ automatically becomes more responsive to lower breathing rates, delivering longer shots of oxygen ensuring the user maintains their oxygen level as prescribed.
 What comes in the package?
Standard Battery Package
ActivOx™ 4L Main Unit
AC mains power supply unit
DC power supply unit
3-way carry bag
Carry bag detachable straps
Accessory bag
User manual
Nasal cannula
External Battery Package
As above but including:
External battery pack for longer battery life
 Technical Specifications



1 to 4 Settings

Pulse flow oxygen 


Up to 15 Hours Battery Life 

Based on setting 1 with external battery connected.


4.8lbs (2.1kg)

Unit in bag weight

External battery pack: 0.75lbs (0.34kg)



Airline Approved

Approved for use on an aircraft subject to airlines conditions



100 - 240V AC Mains

50/60Hz. Works around the world on any power rating and on cruise ships.

12v DC Car

Plugs into any 12v socket like a car.

Battery Recharge time approx.2 to 4 hrs


Low Noise output 44db(A)

Approx. based on setting 2

Not Suitable for use with ventilator device

This device may be suitable for use whilst sleeping but cannot be used with a CPAP or BIPAP device.


3-year Warranty

Limited manufacturer's warranty covering parts and labour. See manual for full warranty info.





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