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Portable Oxygen Concentrators- InogenOne G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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InogenOne G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator



INOGEN ONE G2 offers just that, no worries about running out of oxygen, no need to keep an eye on the clock, no need to carry heavy equipment around.
Simply use the INOGEN ONE G2 wherever you are, wherever you go, whenever you want


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 Key features


Restore your freedom with INOGEN ONE G2 - Wherever you go
Restoring your freedom is definitely a large part that makes the INOGEN ONE G2 so very special. So go ahead, jump in the car to run errands or take
a weekend trip to see your family, or make that long journey you’d never thought you’d be able to make. Head home when you want to, not when a limited
oxygen supply forces you to. Most airlines allow you to use the INOGEN ONE G2 when you fly, making it easier than ever to reclaim your independence.

INOGEN ONE G2 – Wherever you are
It sits discreetly at your feet, behind a chair, or next to the bed and it’s light enough to carry over your shoulder. All of your oxygen needs can be met with
this one small device, day or night, home or away. When using the INOGEN ONE G2 you will enjoy all the benefits of this compact and lightweight device,
producing just a very light sound, hardly noticeable to you or those around you. And, it’s easy to operate too, just a couple of buttons.
Embrace the simplicity of the INOGEN ONE G2 and see how it can make your life easier.

INOGEN ONE G2 – Whenever you want
INOGEN ONE G2 is built to withstand long term and heavy duty use. Expect it to run for years on end and it will need full maintenance only after it has been
running for 30,000 hrs..


Durable design with Long-term endurance
A great travel companion for that break away
The Inogen One G2 has been
designed with the user in mind. The durable but lightweight oxygen concentrator has a non-medical look and is protected by a splash proof bag. The Inogen One G2 can also be placed on a trolley which is supplied in the package. It has been built to withstand long term and heavy duty use.
Run the concentrator off the battery whilst roaming round the shops and plug it into the car’s 12v power supply for the way home. Even take the Inogen One G2 abroad and it will run on any power rating. This makes booking a holiday or even that spontaneous weekend away much easier without solely relying on your home oxygen provider.


 What comes in the package?
INOGENONE G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Black bag with shoulder strap. Cart also supplied.
Single --or-- Double battery (Select when ordering)
100-240v AC mains charger
12v DC car charger
Nasal Cannula
Instruction Manual & DVD




 Technical Specifications


1 - 6 Litres Per Minute

On-Demand Oxygen


8 Hours Battery Life

With Double battery installed & on setting 1


7.1lbs (3.2kgs)

With single battery installed


Airline Approved

Approved for use on an aircraft subject to airlines conditions



100 - 240V AC Mains

50/60Hz. Works around the world on any power rating and on cruise ships.

12v DC Car

Plugs into any 12v socket like a car.

Battery Recharge time approx. 3 to 6 hrs

Depending on battery size and usage conditions

<37 dbA - Low Noise*

Appox. same level of sound as a normal conversation.
*based on setting 2

Not suitable for use with ventilator device

As this device doesn't have a continuous flow option, it is not suitable for use with a CPAP or BiPAP ventilators.

3-year Warranty

Limited manufacturer's warranty covering parts and labour. See manual for full warranty info.







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