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Travelling with Oxygen

Whether you are spontaneously taking a weekend break away from home or going on a big family trip half way around the world, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator is ideal for a stress-free time away without the hassle of pre-arranging oxygen at your destination.

Many of our customers have experienced arranging oxygen can be a nightmare and sometimes end up being expensive, especially organising trips abroad. Portable Oxygen Concentrators are designed to be taken abroad and used for everyday mobility.

If you are looking to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator or already have one, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and scenarios answered by our specialist homecare advisors.

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Can I travel on an aircraft with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Most airlines do accept portable oxygen concentrators on board flight where as a tiny minority don't. All of our Portable Oxygen Concentrators have been approved for air travel but ultimately the final discretion lies with the airline. Therefore we recommend, before purchasing your flight tickets, to ensure the airline you intend to fly with do accept Portable Oxygen Concentrators to be used in flight. It is also recommended that you also notify the airline that you will be using a portable oxygen concentrator.
Airlines usually ask that the battery life is 150% of the flight time to compensate for any potential delays.

What airlines accept portable oxygen concentrators?


As mentioned above, most airlines now allow passengers to carry on portable oxygen concentrators. We can't tell you all the airlines that accept them on this FAQ as the list will be huge, however you can visit your desired airlines website for more information about taking oxygen on-board the flight. Just to name a few; British Airways, Virgin, Ryanair & Easyjet all accept the portable oxygen concentrators (Please note: this is subject to change at any time and should not be used a definitive guide)

Should you wish to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator from us, we offer Airline assistance where we can help you find an airline that do accept concentrators on board a flight to your destination.



Will a portable oxygen concentrator work abroad?

Yes of course. All of our Portable Oxygen Concentrators will work on a 100 to 240v power rating meaning it can practically be used anywhere in world.

I am going on a cruise. Will a portable oxygen concentrator work?

Yes. A cruise ships power rating is 60Hz whilst on land it is 50Hz. Our concentrators will work off both

Will my portable oxygen concentrator be safe going through x-ray scanners at an airport?

Yes, your portable oxygen concentrator will be safe.


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