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Oxygen Consumables

Intermedical are stockists of high quality, durable Oxygen Consumables. We stock a vast range of oxygen consumables which includes; Nasal Cannulae, Oxygen Tubing, Oxygen Face Masks, Oxygen Tubing Connectors, Oxygen tubing adaptors including tracheostomy fittings; all available in different lengths or sizes.
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What Oxygen Consumables am I likely to need with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?
If you have an on-demand Portable Oxygen Concentrator such as an AirSep FreeStyle, InogenOne G2 or an Invacare XPO2, you are likely to need a supply of nasal cannulae which is available online from only £2.50. For a continuous flow oxygen concentrator, you may require a mask. You may also require new filters for your Portable Oxygen Concentrator. These can be found under the "oxygen concentrators" section on our online store or click here to be directed to the webpage.
I suffer from Sleep Apnoea - Where can I get a CPAP mask from?
We are stockists of CPAP masks; available in all sizes - Please call us on 01732 522444 for detailed information.


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