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VAT Exemption: Who can claim?

If you are a resident in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland and suffer from a chronic illness and/or registered disabled you are entitled to VAT exemption on certain medical goods including Portable Oxygen Concentrators. We will provide you a self-declaration form to complete upon ordering. Please be aware there are penalties for false declarations.
But what if I’m an expat living in the EU?
If you live in another EU state, you can still claim VAT exemption. Shipments maybe subject to local import duty and taxes upon delivery which is beyond our control.
I'm visiting the UK and live outside the EU, will you charge me VAT?
As you are a visitor to the UK, you must pay the VAT initially on the goods you purchase however you can reclaim the VAT at the point of export (IE Airport, Port etc).
You will need to retain your invoice and obtain form VAT407: Non-Business VAT Refunds - We can supply this form to you. We will charge an administration fee of £35.00 to handle VAT refunds for non-EU Residents. You will need to declare the goods you are claiming at customs. For full information, please contact us on 01732 522444.
I live outside the EU and i want a Portable Oxygen Concentrator delivered to me... Do I still pay VAT?
This is known as a direct export and you will not pay any VAT. Transport costs will be applicable and you may have to pay import duty and tax depending on the country your goods are being shipped to.

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