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Introducing the Lungflute

Blowing into the Lungflute a few times, twice a day will help patients with a chronic lung condition thin and dislodge hard to reach mucus from the lungs by coughing it up and improve breathing.


Patients who suffer from a lung condition such as COPD, Asthma, Emphysema or Bronchitis tend to get a build up of mucus on their lungs that is difficult to cough up. This build up can be quite vast and harder to clear especially in deeper areas of the lung.
The lungflute is really easy to use and clinically proven to be an effective way of thinning and dislodging the mucus that has built up deep in the lungs. By clearing the congestion, it will help patients with being able to cough up mucus much easier and improve breathing.
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How does it work?


Mucus builds up deep in the lungs causing congestion

A build up of mucus on the lungs makes it difficult to cough up. This is particulary the case in patients who suffer from COPD, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and other respiratory ailment.


Blowing into the lung flute dislodges mucus

The patient blows through the Lungflute several times. The reed in the Lungflute creates acoustic waves at a frequency that can't be heard by the human ear but is able to loosen and dislodge mucus in the lungs.


Mucus is coughed up and symptoms ease 

After a certain amount of time, the patient will begin to cough up thinned mucus so the lungs begin to clear and symptoms ease.


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