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Portable Oxygen Concentrators- AirSep Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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AirSep Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator

AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The AirSep FreeStyle is our 2nd lightest portable oxygen generator in our portable oxygen range. Weighing only 4.4lbs (2.0kg), the AirSep FreeStyle can provide a patient with up to 3 litres of pulse flow oxygen, ideally suited for most prescribed oxygen patients.

The AirSep Freestyle is also one of the smallest oxygen generators in the world. Easily comparable to a binocular case size, the AirSep FreeStyle has been a popular purchase amongst oxygen patients over the last decade, improving every day living and making true independence become a reality. Compared to a cylinder or your home concentrator, the Airsep Freestyle is extremely versatile with features that extend well beyond just size & weight.

Combined with the 'AirBelt' (Supplementary battery belt), the AirSep FreeStyle is capable of providing up to 10 hours of uninterrupted oxygen. The FreeStyle internal battery can be recharged and used at the same time using mains electricity or in-car charger. Furthermore the Freestyle will automatically adjust to the various international mains power characteristics. Together with it's fashionable design, easy to use interface, and the exceptional battery life really do give confidence to the user. Having the ability to go out for longer takes away the stress and extra effort needed to transport extra cylinders and ends the limitation to away from home time.


 How to purchase
Call 0800 028 2194 to obtain a price or book a free demonstration.
Pay monthly plans available designed for Oxygen patients.


Extend the battery life up to 10 hours. Wear it as a backpack!
3-year warranty with a high standard of on-going service
The AirSep FreeStyle can now be worn as a backpack with it's latest improvement of the protective bag. Unclip the shoulder strap and connect the back pack harness (sold separately). Great for those who do struggle with weight. With the FreeStyles 'Airbelt', battery operation time can be extended up to 10 hours! Ideal for flights or simply wanting to explore the great outdoors for longer.
Alongside its key features, the AirSep Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator has a 3 year manufacturers warranty and is fully supported by Intermedical’s recognised ‘platinum standard’ after sales service.
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 What comes in the package?
AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator Unit
Battery belt (optional)
Bag & Shoulder strap (detachable) (Back pack accessory optional)
100-240v AC mains power transformer
12v DC in-car power lead
Spare filters
Nasal Cannula
Accessory Bag, Instruction Manual & DVD
 Technical Specifications


1 to 3 Litres Per Minute

On-Demand Oxygen via nasal cannula


10 Hours Battery Life

Based on setting 1 with battery belt connected.


4.4lbs (2.0kg)

Unit only.


Airline Approved

Approved for use on an aircraft subject to airlines conditions



100 - 240V AC Mains

50/60Hz. Works around the world on any power rating and on cruise ships.

12v DC Car

Plugs into any 12v socket like a car.

Battery Recharge time approx. 3 hrs

Unit battery takes 3.5hrs approx. to recharge

Low Noise output. <55dB

Appox. same level of sound as a normal conversation.

Not suitable for use with ventilator device

As this device doesn't have a continuous flow option, it is not suitable for use with a CPAP or BiPAP ventilators.

3-year Warranty

Limited manufacturer's warranty covering parts and labour. See manual for full warranty info.







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